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All Accounts Consulting & Bookkeeping

Our custom approach to each client allows us to design a plan that fits each client's distinct needs, saving our clients both time and money. We are here to help you stay focused on building your business and doing what you love.  In addition to normal accounting and bookkeeping, we also offer strategic planning and forecasting and other consulting services.  Strategic planning and forecasting allows us to define and set a clear path for our clients to achieve their business goals.  Our consulting services provide knowledge and expertise to help our clients make the correct choices for their business needs.

All Accounts Consulting & Bookkeeping

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Ongoing Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
  • Accounting for all types of small businesses

  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual reports

  • Financial Statement preparation

  • Tax-Basis Financial Statements

  • Bank and credit card account reconciliations

  • General ledger maintenance

  • Monthly Closings

  • Cleanups

  • Payroll

  • Local & State Tax Filings

    • Payroll Taxes

    • Texas Workforce Commission

    • Sales Tax

  • Migrations

  • Services for QuickBooks uses

    • Selecting the best version of QuickBooks for your business

    • Initial Setup

    • Create a Chart of Accounts

    • Account Mapping

    • Creating Templates for Invoices

    • Troubleshooting problems

    • Data uploads & tie-outs

Small Business Consulting
  • Evaluate and quantify borrowing capacity

  • Select accounting software, CRM, or other software needed for your business

  • Cash Flow Budget

  • Establish company policies and procedures

  • Setup payroll and payroll tax filings

  • Resource for tax planning, entity setup, and state filings

Strategic Planning & Forecasting
  • Quarterly, Semiannual, and Yearly Budgets

  • Strategic Planning

  • Identify business owner’s goals

  • Identify hidden costs associated with growth

  • Keep forecast reasonable with benchmarks and historical data

  • Quarterly revenue targets

  • Quarterly gross margin targets

  • Quarterly net profit targets

  • Business structure – Sole Proprietor, LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation, Partnership, Disregarded Entity

  • Consulting on tax requirements at the federal, state, and county level

  • EIN Application

  • Tax Elections

  • Sales Tax Account Setup

  • Financial projections

  • Business plans

  • Start-up Capital Costs

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